What to Do If You Are a Victim of House Vandalism Crimes in the Finger Lakes Region – Southwest Finger Lakes Crime Stoppers

The public is asked to help identify the culprit responsible for smashing a stained-glass window from an antiquated chapel with a value of more than $25,000. As a way to gain entry in, the sought-after suspect tried to throw a huge boulder through the stained glass window.

This and other forms of vandalism are increasing in number in the United States of America. Statista.com reports that in 2020, more than 4.6million property-related crimes were reported by citizens. There are a variety of forms for vandalism. It can be as simple as painting or writing in a way that is illegal on a wall, or severe crimes, like destruction of the property. It is often done due to a number of motives, including communicating a message, an act of rebellion, or just for the thrill.

It doesn’t matter what the cause It’s never fun to find out that your home has been smashed up. It can be quite distressing to find your house vandalized regardless of whether the damage is to a window or graffiti on walls. If you are a victim of home vandalism and you are in need of help, here are some items you need to know before acting.

These are the things to know about home vandalism

Sometimes, vandalism can be deliberate. The motive could be sending a message, stake revenge by expressing anger or frustration or even to earn cash. In any case, an accident shouldn’t be categorized as vandalism. If your neighbor is doing some cleaning or mowing your lawn, but suddenly throws a rock at your window with their lawn mower, it should be considered an incident. It is considered vandalism only when they throw the rock in a deliberate manner.

Vandalism Can Result in Expensive repairs and fines: The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that criminal acts that affect property cost U.S. citizens billions of dollars annually. Vandalism is more widespread in large cities as opposed to other crimes. Commonly, we see vandalism as a result the enormous costs associated with it.


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