Why Is It Important to Seek Counseling as a Pastor? – J Search

stors. Staff members of the pastoral team have been appointed to be the leaders and caregivers for the church. As per the Rev. Dr. Tim Lane, the pastoral team is part of the Body of Christ And, just like others, they will require counsel and encouragement. He suggests that the congregation begin to learn what it’s being a pastor to understand better how to counsel them.

Pastors are in constant contact. They’re on call in case of emergencies or calls which may occur. They also constantly juggle many assignments. Their other talents include the ability to lead and help others. Some feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities. The Dr. Tims asks the congregation not to criticize the pastors as they will only be able to witness 20% of their labor. To help pastors be better able to advise them, Christians must understand and value their role. You can show your gratitude by sending a card or sending them an email telling them that they appreciate their work.


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