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most common causes of leaks from the roof.

A leak can be caused by a crack in the roof. In the event of wear and tear, it can result in damages to your roofing materials and can cause nail busting that pokes holes into the shingles. Insects and small animals can burrow their way inside the shingles, as well. Impact damage can lead to damage to branches or other trees’ debris.

Plumbing vent pipes run to the underground all the way to the ceiling of your dwelling, and emerges from your roof. The collars around the pipe are sealed to guard against leaks, however they’re the most susceptible point. They wear away quickly from harsh UV rays.

The step flashing could be placed between valleys and peaks on your roof’s edge. It helps to divert water away from the roof, but it is usually neglected during repairs or maintenance. Be sure to have your roofing contractors maintain you informed with the condition of your flashing on the steps to prevent water leaks.

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