How to Choose the Right Mulch for Your Project – Maine’s Finest

Mulch can serve to create an insulation layer on top of the garden soil during summer , to help keep the temperature cool. Mulch is a great way to deter weed growth and also makes taking out weeds a lot easier.

Mulch also helps reduce in the quantity of water that plants need. Since it is able to provide nutrients to the soil below and improve the ability of soil to store water. Additionally, it can improve the soil’s condition by eliminating clay. It allows the passage of more air and water into the soil.

Even through the winter cold season, mulch is capable of protecting your plants. Mulch may protect plants’ roots, however it will not keep them warm. Mulch can, however, help prevent the temperature of soil from thawing and freezing. This is known as frost heaving can make the plant move out of the soil during winter, and expose its crown to extreme temperatures, and ultimately kill it.

Mulch can also help to retain moisture in spring.

Watch this extremely helpful and informational video by Lowe’s Home Improvement, where you’ll be able to see the many kinds of mulch available from the stores that sell mulch.


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