How to Seal Self Lamination Pouches – The Employer Store

Learn more on the internet about the ways Scotch seal pouches can be made use of. The first step to sealing lamination pouches is to cut out the shape you want for your pouch from the sheet of laminate. Use any cutter that you prefer, which includes a rotary cutter. Remove the extra laminate at the edges. After that, fold it in half and then fold one sides. Make sure to press it down with your fingertips. Now you have a bag with a nice, neat appearance!

The next step is to attach the adhesive tape onto the inside of the pouch. It is recommended to use 3M brand of duct tape since it’s simple to peel off afterward. Also, you can use different type of adhesive tape , if you like. Make sure you remove any air bubbles prior to placing the tape.

Applying some tape to the bottom of the pouch will help keep the pouch from becoming wet while using a water-based inkjet printer. This step can be skipped in case you don’t want to. If, however, you are planning to print the print onto the back part of the pouch you must apply the tape to both sides. After doing this you’ll get a completed and sealed pouch. pj72sh91k3.

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