What Are Current Sensors and How Do They Work? – A Tech Blog

It explains their operation. The current sensor measures both direct and alternating currents. The magnetic field can be used to determine its output and produce an analog. They quantify active current without disrupting the circuit.

If electric current flows through conductors, it generates a magnetic field proportional to the size of the conductor itself. Current transformers utilize this magnetic field to calculate the electric current’s flow.

The AC sensor’s inner core is wrapped around a wire. If current is flowing through the conductor, it produces magnetic fields that creates electrical signals inside the wire within the current sensor. A DC sensor serves the same job, however it relies upon Hall effect technology for efficiency. The three major components of an Hall effect sensor comprise the main component: Hall equipment as well as transmitter circuitry and receiver circuitry.

The current transformer is essential across a variety of areas, not just sub-metering. That’s where electrical energy used by tenants can be distinct from their usage. Along with reducing cost and increasing efficiency They can also aid in facility supervision by providing data regarding consumption of energy. xfb2haaurf.

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