How Do I Install Recessed Ceiling Lights? – Creative Decorating Ideas

– you need recessed ceiling lights. You will learn how to put them in this video to enhance the quality of your space.

The first thing to do is decide where you will place the lights. The general rule is to place the lights 6 feet from each other. If your room isn’t sufficient to allow this spacing, you can alter the calculations, but be sure the lights aren’t too close to each other.

Once you’ve done the planning, choose between standard or insulation-compatible (IC) lights. Make sure you choose this option, as conventional recess lights overheat when you wrap them in insulation. After you’ve purchased the light fixtures, carry the housing and begin the installation.

For safety, ensure you’ve switched off electricity on the circuit breaker. In order to avoid any overlaps of joints, ensure your lights aren’t positioned within a room. Find each joint and mark it so that they are not overlapping. If you are doing installation between floors, you should allocate eight inches above your ceiling to allow for fixing hardware. That should be sufficient to install the recessed ceiling lights.


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