Why Are Batteries So Hard to Recycle? – Rad Center


It’s costlier to design new batteries than it does to replace them. If you look at the energy needed to create a single battery using scrap materials such as zinc, it will be clear the challenge it poses to everyone concerned.

The modern world is controlled by batteries. They power phones vehicles, phones, and many various other electronic devices we take everyday for granted. There’s still a lot of confusion over how to recycle batteries after the battery has been used.

Most people aren’t aware of where the alkaline batteries they are damaged or used from go after recycling them. This is dangerous as the alkaline batteries may contain toxic materials which could be inhaled or ingested. Children or pets who interact with them in the course of their disposal get exposed to substances like zinc oxide as well as Cadmium.

We believe that companies like Li-Cycle can show us the possibilities in the alkaline battery recycling business.

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