Flexible LED Lights Setup – Crevalor Reviews


When you are able to add them to your home, you will never look at an area the same way again.

Inside the box, in along with the lights the box also contains instructions, the control box, a power cord, and for the best LED lighting a remote.

Once you have started the installation it is recommended to start by connecting the power cord in the direction of the controller box. Then, plug the power lead into an surge protector and later into an outlet. Two cables are visible located on the exterior of the box. One is the IR sensor for the remote. Connect the other one in the lighting. If your remote is unable to function after connecting it to the socket of the light bulb, remove it from the socket and turn the switch.

Utilize the supplied tape or one supplied with the light , to connect the lights to the surface. This may not always give your desired outcome Therefore, it might be required to buy another adhesive agent.

Watch the video for additional information on Flexible LED lighting.


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