The Cultural Relevance of Home Hospice Art Therapy – you can’t buy culture

A deeply connected. Home hospice art therapy is a proven and successful way to provide care at the end of life in many parts of the United States.

Art therapy for home hospice is commonly referred to as art therapy. There are a myriad of myths and misconceptions regarding art therapy. It’s essential to be aware of the importance of culture in home hospice art therapy. The article below will give more details about home hospice arts therapy and their significance as well as the common myths about it.

A look at the History of Art Therapy in Hospice Care

Humans have utilized art as a form of expression for centuries. It wasn’t until the beginning of the century when art began to be accepted in our health system. Art That Heals was one of the earliest movements in the field of art therapy that focused on improving patients’ quality of well-being and overall health. It was the UCLA Cancer Center used art therapy to help patients with cancer.

American Art Therapy Association (AATA) is committed to research on arts therapy as a part of palliative treatment. Art therapy has solid evidence-based research due to numerous studies for end-of-life care specifically for ailments like cancer and chronic heart failure as well as HIV/AIDS. It is a much more scientifically-supported approach that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It also includes palliative care.

The AATA employs about five thousand art therapists, as per to US Bureau of Labor Statistics. They’re both employed in the public and private healthcare system. They also provide independent arts therapy at home. Hospice art therapy at home uses many forms, and includes

Work with art-related materials including making collages, drawing, molds by hand, using clay as well as doodling and sculpture. dance therapy, music therapy and therapy Cultural relevance for Art Therapy in Home Hospice Care

Multiple studies have highlighted the necessity and impact of art therapy to cope in


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