How Maple Syrup is Made – Healthy Local Food

Making maple syrup. In this instructional video it will be explained how maple syrup is created.

Trees that grow maple can more than a century old. The beautiful trees mark at the beginning of the manufacturing process of maple syrup. When winter is over, arborists tap maple trees to harvest the maple sap. This is because maple trees store carbohydrates from summertime to use as food during winter, when they don’t have leaves. The carbohydrate is absorbed to the sap, and they are at their peak around late winter to the beginning of spring. This is the ideal sap harvest moment. Another reason for this to be the perfect time is that temperatures must rise above freezing during the day, and below freezing in the night.

In the olden days when maple syrup producers used to make use of buckets for collecting sap. Nowadays, they make use of tubes to empty syrup out of an area central to. The sap of the trees is necessary for this process. It takes forty gallons to make one gallon of maple syrup. The sap goes in an evaporator, where the sap is boiled down into maple syrup.


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