Amazing Android Features You Need to Try! – Tech Talk Radio Show

The power of essing can be found in your pocket. Our smart phones actually have higher processing capacity than initial computers found on the moon. We are often unaware of how efficient our smartphones could be. In this video, will discover Android features that you likely did not even realize existed. If your phone is damaged, you should consider making contact with a repair company.

Sometimes, phone calls can be unclear and difficult to follow. Smartphones running Android have an answer for this issue. When you enable audio the phone can let the phone caption automatically your calls on screen. You can also have your phone translate in other languages.

Did you know phones can be able to read for you? All you need to do is open Google Assistant and ask it to read an article. The assistant will read the text aloud to you.

Have you ever been to the restaurant but couldn’t figure out what you want to order? Take out your Android phone and start Google Lens. After that, snap an image of the whole menu. It is then possible to copy and paste various food products to Google in order to look up pictures and nutrition.


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