Fighting Nearsightedness – Bright Healthcare

Close-ups can be seen however it’s difficult to see faraway things. Since the last few years, nearsightedness has increased around the globe and will continue growing. This article will look at strategies to avoid nearsightedness.

Being outside for a short amount of time each day is an excellent starting point. You need your eyes to open up to the sunlight. It is a good idea to make the effort to spend your time outdoors every day as long as you’re able.

Nearsightedness often is caused by screen time. With technological advances, there are more and more screens in our everyday life. You should limit how long you’re glued to screens. If you use your computer each day, it would be best not to spend the evening using electronic devices.

In order to avoid nearsightedness, you must be sure to attend your annual eye exam. If you keep your eyes often, your physician can catch problems as quickly as possible. Additionally, they will be able give you other preventative steps you can implement.


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