Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Summer – Cat Diseases

d to have a keen to spot red flags concerning the health of your dog. You should take your dog for a visit to the vet once a year for an examination of any the presence of external or internal issues. The dog may not be aware of an health issue for years. In addition, dog owners should look for changes of their pets’ behavior in all aspects, from their walking routines to food preferences. If you spot something different or unusual, be sure to take a note of it. Health conditions may become more severe in summertime as dehydration, heat and sweat are big concerns. This video will discuss possible red flags that a dog’s behavior is inappropriate to be in a hospital.

Monitoring your dog’s pulse as well as heartbeat is crucial. If you want to look for signs of problems, simply press onto the dog’s ribs. A heart rate of 120 beats per minute is the norm However, anything more in this range should be reported to your vet immediately. A thermometer of any kind is utilized to determine the temperature. The temperature should fall between 101 or 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensure that they breath once every 10 seconds, otherwise, call your veterinarian.


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