How to Go About Selling a Dental Practice – Dental Hygiene Association

Do you think about selling your dental practice? In the event that you’re looking to transition the dental practice you have or are building the first dental practice, it can be overwhelming for the employees and you. Transitioning a dental practice is not an easy task. Patients, new employees, and many other things could add stress. This video will go over best tips to market an existing dental practice. This video will now go on the right track.

Do you realize that more than 26% of people have untreated tooth decay in U.S? That means that having a functioning running dental practice is key. One tip to consider is that you should not make significant changes to the insurance before selling your dental practice. Changes to insurance should be able to demonstrate to the prospective purchaser that what was implemented worked. A different thing to think about is the owner’s discretionary costs. The risk is that you’ll be in a difficult situation of getting those things back when you’re selling your practice. The lender will think that your expenses are for the benefit of the business, so make sure you get rid of those expenditures.

If you’re in need of help during this process using ada-based practice the transitions may be useful.


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