A Restraining Order Attorney Explains What is a Protective Order – Legal News

A lawyer can take action? What do you do when a court issues a temporary Restraining Order to you? In the first place, you have to read all the information in the restraining order, and abide by its terms.

Another thing to do, especially when you do not understand the meaning as well as the conditions outlined in the order is to contact an lawyer. They will assist you in attempting to get the assistance you require even if your order isn’t granted.

It’s never advisable to be apathetic about restraining orders, even the temporary ones. There is no reason to be surprised that certain orders may prevent you from seeing your children and/or other family members. You might also be required to leave your home. If you do not comply with an order to restraining, or any other type of order you may be detained and sentenced to jail.

If you feel that your allegations and accusations against you have no basis it is possible to speak with an attorney about ways to contest them. You must, however, be sure to adhere to all the terms within the restraining orders.

View this instructional video created by Steve Vondran, where you’ll learn about what a restraining attorney will do.


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