Why Is It Important to Seek Counseling as a Pastor? – J Search

in leading and caring for the members of the congregation. As per the Rev. Dr. Tim Lane, the pastoral team are a vital part of the body of Christ in the same way as every other person, they require support and guidance. To help them better understand the best way to help Dr. Lane suggests they understand first the role of a pastor.

The pastors are accessible all hours of the day. They’re on call to answer any emergency calls that could arise. They must also be able to manage several assignments. They also have other talents on the job, like the ability to coordinate or lead others, as well as make choices. This is why they are sometimes overwhelmed with all the responsibilities. The Dr. Tims asks the congregation not to criticize their pastors, as they will only be able to witness 20% of the work they do. He says that the most Christians need to do in order to help their pastors is understand their role and respect them. Believers should also express their gratitude by appreciating them verbally or sending an email or note to let them know they’re praying for them.


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