What Are Ignatius of Loyola Spiritual Exercises? – Source and Resource

ealth. The spiritual practice of The ignatius of Loyola are the collection of exercises in meditation or contemplative techniques, as well as prayers for people to strengthen their relationship with God. They have been utilized for years as a long period of about 30 days of retreat that are in silence and solitude. Religious activities have gained popularity over the last few years. A “retreat from daily routine,” that is one month of regular talks and prayer with a spiritual advisor, is now the most sought-after method to work through activities. The exercises have been altered with various modifications to accommodate the needs of modern society.

The exercise, as per Ignatius they have as their objective the conquering of self and the legislation of life in as to ensure that no decision is taken under the influence from any attachment that is excessive. They are carried out using the guidance of a knowledgeable spiritual director to help participants understand the experience and understand what they were going through. The Spiritual Exercises provides a comprehensive guidebook to retreat leaders, not participants. epgc3rdlvd.

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