How German Nutcrackers are Made – Family Dinners

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into making an German Nutcracker, keep reading. The YouTube video “How it’s Made Nutcrackers” will show how the nuts are produced and how they change over the span of. Learn more!

Nutcrackers first appeared as a tool for opening nuts. Wood carvers started making stunning sculptures of wood in animal and human forms by the time of the 15th century. Because they were more interested in creating soldiers and kings in the 15th century, German makers of nutcrackers gained recognition for making beautiful artifacts. The reputation of their work has inspired Tchaikovsky to compose his ballet.

There are a variety of nutcrackers with functional functions on the market today. But, there’s still a long-standing tradition in Germany of creating them in beautiful shapes that can be decorated with. They can be sold for hundreds of dollars. They are often collectibles and do not serve their intended purposes. But they do function, since they have the lever behind that opens and closes their mouths. This can be used to break any kind of nut.

Most factories are equipped with a circular saw with multiple blades that eliminates all body parts from Lindenwood. This video will show you how one piece of Lindenwood is transformed into a body to make the Nutcracker.

You can view the remainder of the video for more details about making a German nucker.


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