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The procedure, which is commonly referred to”nose surgery,” is sought out to reduce humps, bulbous tips, large bridges, straighten tips and overall make one’s nose appear more harmonious to facial features. Rhinoplasty that is closed does not need an incision on the outside. The procedure is less likely to create swelling. Since there’s no direct exposure doesn’t allow for much cartilage change, which you might be able to do in open Rhinoplasty.

The procedure involves a small cut near the base of the nose. The frequency of revisions is not nearly as high as the rate in closed rhinoplasties. The main problem is that there is an increase in swelling.

The best candidate for nasal surgery is someone who is aware of what they would like. If the procedure is for restoring the confidence of a person, to fix breathing problems or to fix any other issue, it’s helpful for a patient to arrive with specific needs and desires.

If you want to learn more about rhinoplasty procedures take a look at the video that we’ve linked to above.


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