The Importance of Homeless Teen Programs – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

A 15-year-old is homeless since the divorce of his parents. He’s been in car shelters, homes, and various places. His mother, addicted, isn’t able to offer a secure home. Likewise, his father, a truck driver is absent regularly. Around 1,500 children living in San Francisco live in shelters or on the streets, without parents or guardians.

Life Learning Academy is a school that is designed for children who are at risk. They say this could lead to young people ending being in prison for juveniles or leaving school. The school runs homeless teen programs to help young people.
Michael 16, claims he was not able to find any stable home to call his own and was in foster care homes and relatives since age 11. His mother has a disability, and his father was locked up. According his observations, homeless people worry about food and cleanliness.

The boys hold hopes of the future, and they are in the process of at Life Learning Academy. The school is hoping to create a dormitory that will allow students to live in and provide them with homes as they mature. The benefits are numerous with homeless youth programs. rv5ij6ir9o.

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